Turn on a “new” leaf in your life!

Always keep in mind one thing that sex is a power game and the one who blinks first has to surrender to the whims and fancies of the winner.


Players on both sides have ample experience in dealing with members of the opposite sex and they are well versed in the art of flirting. Sex is something very personal for a woman in any culture and if she has agreed to have sex with you, then she probably has high regard and a soft corner for you. Her feelings may be much deeper than yours. And all this begins with just plain talking and talking naughty in a soft tone with a woman whom you adore the most.


Keep emotions away always!

Emotions need to take a backseat because you have to satisfy your body’s thirst for pleasures of the flesh Winning or losing does not matter what matters is playing the game and playing it well. There is no shame in losing to a great player and confidence is the key when it comes to dealing with intimate matters. Confidence matters as both the man and the woman are a bit nervous about making love for the first time. Both of them are shit scared as to what will happen if things go wrong.


Join online groups just for fun only; no commitments!

Men teach with practice what we women like and what we don’t and they tend to stick to the prescribed code of conduct. A girl who is in bed with a guy who is her best friend and whom she adores a lot usually falls silent and starts breathing heavily as she reaches an orgasm. The tension in her muscles and the quivering of her legs, the gush of wetness that arrives after she has reached her climax are clear indicators of an orgasm.

Joining online free entertainment groups for couples

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