Make Your Weekends Extra Special!

Watching a flick at a theatre relaxes you and all people who work the whole week in offices look forward to watching the latest flick that is being talked about in your friends circle. Every play staged at a theatre carries a message with it and it is often called the jewel point of the play. And movies, plays, book readings offer great insights into human behaviour. You will be one step ahead of others in sociology and psychology.

Show thoughtfulness

Your spouse will be really happy by the fact that you are thoughtful enough to invest your time and money in buying low-priced tickets which means more outings and more fun. All your life you have to spend in offices only , so the best way to beat the stress out is to go out and see the work of great directors, actors, dance directors, musicians, lyricists who understand what “ entertainment” is all about and deliver the best to their audiences.


Witness the work of great directors

These people have gone through the rigours of film school, internship under great professionals and have experimented with all subjects. So they know what kind of reaction audiences will give and therefore treat delicate subjects wisely.

  • Coming back to the topic of getting low priced or free flick theatre tickets, you can do so by either buying in bulk or buying them on the last day a few minutes before the show.
  • Certain categories of people like students under 26 get special discounts and so do professionals working in corporate who are offered the facility of free or heavily discounted tickets.
  • Some companies allow you to redeem your reward points against free tickets or allocate points against credit card purchases which can then be redeemed against theatre tickets.
    Explore these options today and you will be really thrilled by the offers that come your way.

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