An Insight into the Minds of Women Who Join Private Couple’s Swingers Parties London

Women who are seduced by their minds tend to stay longer with their men than those who are seduced by their wealth, looks or physique.

Here are some confessions from women who have attended such parties:

Mary, a designer: my husband’s erections were not hard enough to really give me the earth-shattering orgasms that I craved for. He sometimes ejaculated early and was loath to give me oral sex that I craved for. I wanted him to lick my vagina and it gave me more pleasure than even sex but this was something that I could not communicate to him for fear of being judged.

He did not ask for oral sex thinking that I might judge him wrongly.He knew I wanted to be loved and not fucked.He knew that kissing, caressing, smooching and bodily touch made more difference to me rather than fucking itself and this was something that he knew right from the outset.


 So I found another man at a private couple swinger party in London

We tried making up for our lack of sexual prowess by being creative in bed. We bought a lot of bondage gear and once I even blindfolded him and tied him to all corners of the bed and started spanking him with a hunter. Ah…what a great pleasure it was and the cries that I got from him made me feel like a tigress who was hunting its prey and then I removed all my clothes one by one in front of his eyes and made him tie me to a bed and spank me.

The way he drank my nudity with his eyes really made me feel special and if there is one man in the world in front of whom I can denude myself, it is him. He was stunned to see my hirsute around the vagina and the dark triangle that he was staring into.


Pleasure got the better off him and he removed all his clothes then and there and started licking my cunt with a ferocity that only a dog can. Then he removed my top, bikini and had me completely nude and he went on top of me and started thrusting his penis deep inside me until he had thoroughly ejaculated. He had such a strong penis that it stroked my G-spot.

He tried anal sex with me and I co-operated though had to apply cream on my anus for a week to get over the pain, take pain killers and sit in warm water after removing my panties. After meeting him, I used to go back to my room, remove my underwear and finger myself thinking that we has sucking my cunt and fucking me hard like a knife goes into a melon.


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